Why should I care?

November 5, 2008

obama1Today I woke up at 7 am, turned on my computer and promptly went to see the news at the New York Times website. There it was, Barack Obama has won the US elections. I listened to the 16 minute winning speech he gave to a crowd in Chicago. Without a doubt, a great speaker. And for me, the wonders of modern life brought by the Internet: an energetic speech on success, change and raising a nation leveraging my usual morning fatigue by one of the new leaders of the world, for free. Priceless.

But why I am so touched by this? Why is everybody? For the past year I kept thinking to myself, why should I give to the US elections any attention as I don’t belong to that society, and supposedly nothing that could happen there could affect me personally, for good or for bad. Don’t, us people from other parts of the world, have our own problems to deal with, our own solutions to come up with? Is this another show we like to watch?

But I understand the implications. It’s about the US stand as a global leader. And I cannot scape to that fact. Every order of life is bound to be organized and ruled, and at a global scale, nowadays the ruler of the organization is the US.

And I celebrate the historical stature of these elections as a demonstration that prejudice, eroded throughout the years, can be finally beaten. The prejudice of black meaning different. From this point of view, which should be ruled out as to give this achievement immediate effect, thinking as Obama being black, his way to the presidency is a lesson learned.

A nation that claims itself to be a mix of cultures that doesn’t share a common race and religion but many must share a common vision. An idea that blends the cultural differences into an homogeneous sense about who they are and what they want to be. There’s always a line one can hear from time to time, from political speeches to movies: “A great nation”, and its many variations. I’ve always wondered how is it that you can define what a great nation is, but it doesn’t matter really. It’s just a line they repeat to themselves, and as everything you repeat many times, you start to believe in it and so it begins to define you.

Obama’s line for his campaign was: Change, yes we can. And why it got to us as well? Because it’s a human truth. Nobody can escape to the fear of change. In a globalized world, where you’re the leader, you need to say global truths. You need to tell the world that you’re going to deal with people’s fears and uncertainties.

Because their wars are our wars, their economic crisis are our economics crisis, their leaders -it seems- are our leaders, the inspiration should have to reached us all. There was a world to be conquered.

Among the clearly important things about which the press is calling this moment a historical one, I believe there’s another one that’s missing: the US presidential campaign was the first truly global one.

When I moved to Europe, I though a certain level of stability could be achieved. But not in this day and age. The economic crunch is a real thing and its consequences started to appear. I still don’t know what it takes to live in these days an stable life since you can’t take anything for granted. For sure you have to be prepared for changes, because that’s the basic rule in today’s super connected world.

The bottom line is that I wish we didn’t need to change, but since there’s no other option, I would step up onto Obama’s inspirational phrase and repeat to myself, many many times, yes we can.


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  1. Mariana said

    Ay!! Ahora escribís en inglés!!Besos

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